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Do you have one?  A podcast?


There are a very select few people who have been podcasting (and continue to podcast) as long as I have. Here’s a few of my accomplishments:  
  • My Law of Attraction Tips podcast has been in the Top 10 for over 10 years in the US & Canadian iTunes Health and Self-Help categories
  • I’ve had well over 20 million downloads (I’ve stopped counting)
  • My Attract More Now video podcast has also been in the Top 10 in iTunes Self-Help (US & Canada) this past year
  • On many occasions, The Law of Attraction Tips has dominated ALL Top 10 Episodes in iTunes Self-Help (US & Canada)
  • Just ONE listener generated close to $200k in revenue 
Podcasting is THE MOST POWERFUL way to connect with your prospective client in a meaningful and leveraged way. The next best way to connect with your potential customer is face to face or on a call. But that doesn’t leverage your time, does it? 

Here’s why podcasting is so influential: When someone listens to or watches your podcast, you literally get inside their head.  

AND, they are CHOOSING to listen to you.

They are CHOOSING to spend their time with you.

They CHOOSE you because they have a challenge and you offer a solution.
Even if you get to spend time one on one with someone in a sales call or meeting, your prospect isn’t going to have the quality time to get to know you, like you and trust you in the way a podcast allows. 

I’ve had people jump out of aisles at grocery stores and declare ‘I LOVE YOU – I love your podcasts – thank you!!’. Does that ever happen after a sales meeting? Probably not. I’ve had people in airports or at events hear my voice and ask ‘Karen, is that you? You’re in my head all day long!’ Does that ever happen to you after a networking meeting? 

No, of course not.  



How do you do that in a few minutes of conversation and emails? It can be done, but for most of us, it feels pressured and slimy.

It doesn’t feel authentic. 

What happens?

For most people they don’t follow up on connections they make. They flub the sales call trying to convince the potential customer that they can help. Or, they spend a lot of time on their website and social media hoping that someone will find them. Should I go on? 
Here’s the good news: the failure of other business people to create a podcast is an opportunity for you. You see there are an estimated  one BILLION websites on the web and (at last count) around 250,000 podcasts on iTunes. Likely less than that for active podcasts.   Plus, if you do a video podcast – you WILL stand out among your competitors. If you get a podcast up – you are in the minority and a  ROCK STAR all at the same time! 

Most people I talk to don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a podcast, even people who already have content and are tech-savvy.   

People who aren’t tech-savvy especially get tied up in knots about starting a podcast. I’ve created something specifically for both groups in mind....

The Podcaster Blueprint

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this new program that trains you how to create a podcast, what to include in it, how to launch it, grow it and monetize it. (YES, MONETIZE IT!) 

1. The basics of who, what, when, where and why a podcast is important and what the future is for podcasting (trust me, it’s good!)

2. Quick-Start Guide on how to start get your existing content out in your very own podcast in a week or less!

3. How to determine what to podcast, when to podcast and how often to put a podcast up.

4. What to consider in determining the type of podcast you want to offer. 

5. How to think about your purpose for podcast, who you want to reach and how to brand yourself as the expert that they should listen to.

6. Why naming your episodes and creating a description in a certain way can lead to more people wanting to listen.

7. How to create a compelling call to action and how to make it super-simple for your listeners to follow through so you can get them on  your list. 

8. How to decide what you’re going to talk about on your podcast and how to set up a content calendar so you make it easy for you to  follow through on podcasting.   

9. How to integrate your podcast episodes, messaging and delivery with your marketing calendar.

10. What to say in your intros and outros that let people know they’re in the right place and compel your audience to continue listening and  following through in connecting with your business. 

11. What tools you need to capture people’s email addresses and why you want to do this.

12. The exact tips to record a knock-out podcast – both video and audio

13. How to record and edit both your video and audio podcasts on computers and with your smartphone. What tools you need and step by step  demonstrations on how to use them.  

14. Specific tips on creating your cover art so that it is magnetizing the audience you want 

15. Where to get free and paid royalty-free music, video and images so you don’t violate Intellectual Property laws.

16. What podcast hosting platforms are out there and what my favourites are.

17. Where to post your podcast and how to get your podcast up on iTunes, Stitcher and beyond so you are reaching a worldwide audience.

18. The best equipment to get started with on a budget. You’ll also see what’s in my production studio and office.

19. How to launch your podcast including who to connect with and how to engage your friends and family so you increase your odds of  knocking your launch out of the park and potentially getting on the coveted ‘New and Noteworthy’ list. 

20. Why being on the ‘New and Noteworthy’ list can ‘make’ your podcast but why not getting on that list doesn’t mean failure.

21. All the steps you need to go through for the pre-launch, launch and after-launch phases.

22. What steps you need to take to continue the growth of your podcast after it’s launched.

23. How to make sure your podcast gets out to everybody, everywhere all the time with Evercasting. You’ll also receive a downloadable PDF and Excel Evercasting Schedule that you can modify to suit your podcasts needs. 

24. How use Facebook advertising to grow your podcast along with specific examples of what I have done to continue the growth of my podcasts.

25. All aspects of how to monetize your podcast and how to decide which is best for you and your podcast.

26. What ad brokers are – who the main players are and what they really want from a podcast producer.

27. How much you can expect to make from your podcast by having ads included and whether or not considering ads is worthwhile for you and your audience. 

28. How to prepare your podcast for ad insertions, your own and professional ads.

29. How to create your own ads and edit them into your podcast.

30. How to find sponsors on your own – what they want and how to present your podcast to them.

31. Why creating a Facebook Private group in association with your podcast can be the fastest and most profitable way to monetize your podcast, ever. 

32. How to set up a Facebook Private Group and how to manage it and turn your members into buyers without being spammy.

33. How to use your podcast when networking. This could be one of the most beneficial ways to connect with in-person leads and bring them into your world without being salesy while making them a raving fan and customer. 

34. Why evergreen webinars are one of the best ways to continue to capture leads from your podcast and turn them into customers.

35. How to drive traffic back to your list so you can continue to market to your audience.

All of these lessons give you practical, actionable step by step instructions on how to create, produce and get your podcast on the Top Podcatchers like iTunes and Stitcher in as little as a week (for those that already have content). This program is comprehensive and taught by someone who knows how to STAY IN THE TOP 10 for 10 YEARS (and counting) and you’re going to get direct access in being able to ask Karen questions as part of this  program. 

We've created THREE different programs for you to choose from:

1. The Podcaster Blueprint DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Program for those who are used to just getting the instructions, diving in and getting it done - we've made this very in-depth program very affordable for you

This is what's included in the Podcaster Blueprint DIY Program:
  • DAY ONE – you get immediate access to ALL Modules that include all the lessons and topics listed above...
  • Quick Start Guide is part of the Modules which will show you how to get your podcast up in a week or less if you already have existing content
  • You can work through the program at your leisure and have Lifetime Access to the Podcaster Blueprint
  • Ability to upgrade to any of the other programs at any time.  We'll take off what you pay for the DIY Program off the cost of the Upgrade Program.

The Price:  Just $197 
TODAY $147
2. The Podcaster Blueprint Genius Program is for those who want some extra support and the ability to ask questions as they arise for you during the podcast creation process.

This is what's included in the Podcaster Blueprint Genius Program:
  • Everything from the DIY Program Plus...
  • 2 Private 1-1 Coaching calls Karen will personally review your cover art, podcast title, episode names and descriptions. She will do a "Let's Do Launch" 1-1 coaching call with you and review your first podcast and answer any questions you have about how to best monetize your podcast. (Value - $1,000)
  • On-demand Email Assistance – you will have access to Karen's private email where you can send emails any time during an 8 week window to ask questions as you are creating your podcast. Your emails will get priority attention and will be answered generally within a six hour window during business days and hours (Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm Pacific).  

The Price:  Just $597 
TODAY $497
3. The Podcaster Blueprint Done with You Program is for those who want to get your podcast up in a specific time frame (4-8 weeks) and want the accountability and extra assistance along the way.

This is what's included in the Podcaster Blueprint Done With You Program:
  • Everything from the DIY and Genius Programs Plus...
  • Eight Private Accountability Calls – in conjunction with Karen you will set up a time frame of when you would like to get your first podcasts up and running.  A schedule of 8, 1/2 hour sessions will be set up in advance according to your goals and our combined schedules.
  • On-demand Email Assistance – you will have access to Karen's private email where you can send emails any time during an 8 week window to ask questions as you are creating your podcast.  Your emails will get priority attention and will be answered generally within a six hour window during business days and hours (Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm Pacific).  

The Price:  Just $2500 
TODAY $1997
Not Sure? Still Have Questions?  Call us at 250 882-3885 (leave a message - we'll get right back to you) 
Val started the Blueprint on Saturday and had her podcasts up on iTunes and Stitcher by Wednesday!  

See where her podcast was by the next week...
Val lives in France and her podcast showed up on the Front Page in the Health Category in the US Store!  
This is a VERY popular category and BOOM there she is - impacting people in a different country!

Val has NEVER podcasted before...until now.

This could be YOU!!
NOTE FROM KAREN:  It was important to me to create a quality program - I've been through enough programs through the years to know what I like and what makes me crazy!

Paul (below) had created a podcast before and had been through another program, he was starting a new one and I asked if he would do an honest, side by side review, and this is what he said....

...A TON More Content Than (..one of the top programs...)

(copied from our Facebook conversation)

going through the blueprint now more in-depth...i will say, it has a TON more content than _______(...one of the top podcast training programs..)  and it's organized in a much more user-friendly way.
I think it flows great.....

honestly, i think you've covered every possible aspect of what it takes to get up and running and then grow and monetize. i really like the first module to provide more context into all things podcasting

Paul Maskill
The Business Owner's Freedom Formula Show (in progress!)
Here’s to a YEAR OF WOW!!

Karen Luniw

Creator of the powerful QC3 Method & The Podcaster Blueprint
        Top 10 iTunes Self-Help Podcaster since 2006 w/ over 20 Million downloads
        Author of Best-Selling Year of Wow Daily Attraction Journal &
        Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide...

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